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My 360 just died and I am furious. I was in Dead Space when it froze and then I saw the ominous RROD (three red rings of death). I was in a stupor. I am well aware that my Xbox is unreliable, but I would never have imagined that something horrible would happen to my unit.

When it happened, I phoned my friend and told him my story. He told me that he had a similar problem and that he had to wait a little over a month for Microsoft to fix the problem. Obviously, the system can often overheat, causing it to stop working. Microsoft doesn’t even bother to help you get it back by giving you a system box. So now you end up sitting there with a broken console (which is thanks to its horrible design) and you end up having to ship it.

If you want to avoid this terrible position, take a look at these tips.

1.) Make sure to locate your Xbox in an area with good ventilation. Do not store your system in an entertainment center as they tend to get very hot. Overheating is the essential problem, so try moving it to a cooler place.

2.) If you are unlucky enough to get all three red rings, start by turning off the console and letting it cool down for an hour or two. Try disconnecting each of your cables and peripheral devices from the system and placing it in a cooler place. Once you’re sure it’s cool enough, reconnect them to the console and turn it on. Hope these tips can prevent what broke with my unit.


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