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I am Gemini, my Partner is Virgo; Apparently she should leave me for Scorpio because we have nothing in common. At least this is what the book of the Zodiac said. I hope you keep me close a little longer. But it does beg the question: do star-crossed lovers and soul mates exist? My answer would be yes and they hang out at the same bar as Santa, the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny. Okay, I’m a bit of a cynic, but as a psychic I have to hear a million times a day when Mr. Right is coming, is he my soulmate? My answer ok sir you could almost use some work is available will you?

Wait for Mr./Mrs. Right is like putting a pumpkin in your driveway and hoping the Good Fairy will turn it into a sports car that will never happen. Because because your spiritual soulmate is not the one who will agree with everything you say, will do everything you want, will not have the same likes and dislikes as you. Ask the Universe for a soulmate and you’ll get someone who pushes all your buttons, who challenges you on every level, who will stand in front of you and say nah, I don’t think so. How do I know this because that is exactly what I got when I asked the universe to send a soul mate my way?

But interestingly enough, I’ve never been more in tune with who I am, I’ve never been more authentic than I am right now. Through my partner I have come to see all of my dysfunctional behavior patterns and have been able to grow a lot as a person. I have been pushed beyond my doubts and into my greatness.

When you chase after Mr./Mrs. right, you are so full of expectations that no one will be able to live up to it. And here’s the interesting thing: it’s all about them. Will they fit in with my friends, will they be sporty, smart, well read, know how to cook, do they like dogs, etc. All valid questions I could add, however notice how the person you are looking for has to be perfect, but you are not.

What would happen if you asked yourself the same questions?

Do I have good social intimacy skills?
-Am I a self-confident and well-adjusted person?
-I am able to commit to a long-term relationship
-Why did my last relationship fail and what was my longest relationship?

Mr./Mrs. almost needs some work, doesn’t look too bad now! My partner is not perfect despite being a Virgo, but he has a loving, generous and compassionate spirit and a sense of who he is that I respect and admire. We have and will continue to have challenges as we grow and learn together, it’s not going to be the stuff that Mills and Boons are built on, but I can tell you I wouldn’t give away a minute of the time we’ve spent together.

Here’s a little advice: don’t go looking for Mr./Mrs. until you have found yourself. Don’t go into a relationship hoping to be soul mates; enter into a relationship as friends. Have no expectations, have hopes and dreams for the future.

Disclaimer: To all the kids, please note that we have confirmed that Santa is at home in the North Pole with Mrs. Santa, not in a downtown bar, my apologies.


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