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To create a subscriber list, you will need certain tolls and services. These are just a few.

Will need:

• An autoresponder service: An autoresponder service will store your database of your subscribers. You will also need an autoresponder service to easily send messages to your subscribers. The service will allow you to create subscription forms for different lists. Autoresponder services charge a monthly fee. The exact amount will depend on the service and may also depend on the size of your list. The basic fee is approximately $ 20 per month.

• A domain name: you will need to invest in a domain name in order to set up a website where you can place your login page or subscription form. Your domain name must include your main keyword. There is an annual fee to register a domain. Expect to pay between $ 10 and $ 20 per year.

• A hosting service: you will need to invest in a service that will host your domain. The fee varies based on factors such as the number of domains hosted, storage space, and bandwidth. It’s best to invest in a service that allows unlimited domains, storage, and bandwidth so your business can grow. Expect to pay between $ 11 and $ 20 per month.

• An HTML editor, compressed page templates, or software – you will need some way to create your compressed / landing pages. You can create them yourself using an HTML editor, using pre-made templates, or using software. You can find free HTML editors, templates, and software programs available on the Internet. Many graphics packages offer free compressed page templates. You can also find free and paid templates. There are several compressed page software programs available, some of which will create basic, very simple-looking compressed pages (not recommended), while others will allow you to create highly attractive and detailed compressed pages.

Out of the three, I suggest using a software program, as you will get a more professional look and unique results.

If you decide to use a software program, I recommend that you purchase a software program instead of subscribing to a service where you can create your compression pages. This is because the software program will have a one-time fee of approximately $ 100 that allows you to create unlimited landing pages. A service will charge a monthly fee that can be very expensive over a period of time.

• Exit Intent Pop-up Software – Although not a requirement, Exit Intent software will help you grow your subscriber list faster. There are several exit intent software programs offered on the Internet, as well as services. Again, I suggest purchasing a software program rather than subscribing to a service. Expect to pay between $ 30 and $ 100 for a software program and between $ 10 and $ 30 or more per month for a service

• A tracking tool or service – Again, while a tracking tool is not an absolute requirement, Internet marketers know that in order to build a successful Internet business, you need some way to measure and track everything you do. does to optimize your promotional efforts and improve your return on investment (ROI). This is especially true for your list building efforts, as a large portion of your income will come from those on your lists.

Free and paid tracking tools and services are available on the Internet. Some services offer a free version for marketers just starting out. However, as your business grows, tracking services can become very expensive, up to $ 350 or more per month.


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