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Q: What’s wrong with parent-child sex?

A: Parents who sexually abuse use sex as a way to control their children and as a way to relieve sexual and emotional frustration, usually due to a significant and unsatisfying and selfish marital or partner relationship. Incest has nothing to do with true love.

The experience is oppressive, humiliating and degrading for sexually abused children. Aside from that, the manipulations and sexual assaults of abusive parents set the child up for destructive negative agreements, behavior patterns, and selfish reactions.

Incest paralyzes children, and the toxic residue of the experience, normally suppressed or repressed, often destroys trust and seeps out to contaminate adult sexual relationships overtly and covertly. It is a hidden force that often underlies violent acts that make innocent scapegoats.

Q: Why do you insist that most men and women today are incest survivors?

A: The clues are everywhere and they are spreading. Incest is ancient and probably prevalent in all human societies. One visible clue is the presence of homosexuality and that presence, though often suppressed, oppressed and attacked, dates back a long time and throughout the world.

Incest is extremely selfish behavior instigated and perpetuated by extremely selfish parents. The more selfish a person becomes, the more controlling and abusive they tend to be, and sexual abuse is often part of parental abuse. Sexual abuse often comes under the guise of “love” or “education.”

Over the last forty years, humans, especially in America, have chosen to become much more selfish. As such, extremely controlling, abusive, and reactive. The emphasis on sexuality, which is no longer suppressed in the United States and other countries, is not a natural emphasis or phenomenon. In reality, it is a reliable mirror for the inappropriate and selfish sexuality between parents and children that is and has been going on behind closed doors.

The clues are found in the words of our songs, in the sex (and violence) that permeates our movies and TV shows, on magazine covers, in promiscuity, frigidity, pornography, sexual assaults, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and skyrocketing symptoms of mental illness have become rampant. These are all selfish reactions to something that supposedly never happened.

Q: Is the incestuous experience always harmful?

A: Yes. The incestuous experience is emotionally devastating and provokes strong selfish reactions.

Reactions develop into destructive behavior patterns that typically manifest as extreme jealousy, patterns of cheating, avoidance, avoidance, flinching, and refusal to be mentally present in current reality, memory problems, body image issues, and distorted body perceptions one’s physical condition, an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, and obesity, excessive masturbation, sexual promiscuity, avoidance of sexuality, obsession with sex and sexual images, substance abuse, prostitution, perversion, a significant mental or emotional disorder, attempts of suicide or suicide.

Many incest survivors immerse themselves in singing, dancing, acting, painting, law, or nature…just so they can escape the pain and disappear for a while.

Q: Are you saying that sexually abusive parents are causing a lot of our mental, emotional, behavioral, and sexual ills?

A: No. I am saying that sexually abusive parents, who are invariably incest survivors in strong reaction to their family experiences, are selfishly, self-centered, and unlovingly using their children, and their children, when they choose to selfishly react to their experience without love are creating and perpetuating the personal mental, emotional, behavioral and sexual ills that torment and hurt them.

Ultimate responsibility for an incest survivor’s (everyone’s) daily experience rests solely on the nature of their choices. When the experience is negative, the choices are selfish and wrong.

Q: Can a person heal from an incestuous experience?

A: The “experience” is not what we need to heal from, but our selfish reactions to our (negative) experiences that require change or healing.

A more central question would be “Can a person be cured of a selfish reaction?” My answer is yes”. as long as a person is sincerely and consistently willing to stop doing what he knows and is doing that is wrong, and is sincerely and consistently willing to start and continue doing what he knows to be really right.


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