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Since I read and edited Messages from Jesus From my wife, Mary Ann Johnston, I have been reading parts of it from time to time, each time contemplating and understanding more fully the wisdom of Jesus’ words. In this book, in Omnipresent Spirit, he answers your questions about his life 2,000 years ago, his teachings, and how the world should be lived today. His answers shed light on many of the truths he had hinted at through parables and metaphors, and he tells us how to apply these truths in everyday life.

Jesus spoke often of the kingdom of God. He said it is like a treasure hidden in a field, and it is within us. Now, in Mary Ann’s books and in the books of others who have been able to communicate with him and receive his messages, he explains the nature of this blissful inner “kingdom”: eternal life, ever-present awareness, peace, love, light, and power, helps us understand unity and many other spiritual realities, speaks to us about certain aspects of his ministry, and gives us much truth, hope, and guidance for our time.

Also, after 40 years of meditation, Levi Dowling, the author of the Aquarius Gospel of Jesus Christ, was able to connect with the Holy Spirit and perceive His vibrational and akashic records, the “Book of Life”, and thus write the story of the life of Jesus Christ. At Gospel of Aquarius There are many inspiring accounts of Jesus’ conversations with great sages and holy people when, aged 13 to 30, 17 years not mentioned in the New Testament, he traveled and lived in India, Tibet and other countries.

We live in a time when the belief that Jesus was the only “Son of God” may seem false. There were other Christs, Krishna and Buddha, for example, and there will be more, because as Jesus said, we are gods, and whoever believes in him will also do the works that he did and even greater things. It may take many lifetimes, but eventually each of us will believe in it, in other words, we will experience the universal and loving Christ Consciousness in Jesus, who through self-effort, purity and blessing from God the Father, manifested in he. And, like him, we will manifest it in our lives. Many yogis and saints have experienced the peace, love, light and bliss of this omniscient and omnipresent consciousness (God the Son), and even if we are not aware of it, it is in us.

To learn about the new teachings of Jesus in the books of Mary Ann Johnston and find websites that provide spiritual information and insights, free of charge, where you can read the Gospel of Aquarius and see the Christ Consciousness revealed in the life of Jesus and in the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, visit:


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