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If you ever thought kitchen cabinets were all the same, think again. Even if you choose to refinish your kitchen cabinets rather than replace them, you’ll find a real smorgasbord of options to choose from. To make the selection process easier, here are a few details you might want to focus on.

Wood Varieties for Kitchen Cabinets

All natural woods add a warm, rich touch to your kitchen, but these are the best of the best.

  1. Maple – Durable and light-toned, the tight grain of maple gives your kitchen a natural, earthy appeal.
  2. Hard nut – A hardwood, hickory features dramatic color variations that give your kitchen a unique flavor.
  3. Oak – The red variety of this hardwood has a colorful open grain that is often streaked with colored ridges. The traditional beauty that oak lends to a kitchen is timeless.
  4. Cherry – There is nothing more elegant than a kitchen finished in cherry. The knots, streaks, and gum pockets found naturally in cherry wood give your kitchen appeal straight from the woods.
  5. Birch – The spectacular grain that scratches the birch wood gives a distinctive flavor to your kitchen. The color variations that birch comes in give you a wide range of cabinet options.

kitchen door shape

  1. Square Doors – Sometimes it’s trendy to be square, especially in the kitchen where square doors never go out of style. Some of the (not so) square options you might want to consider are recessed panels, Shaker style, and raised mitered panels.
  2. arch doors – There is a reason why the ocean is considered hypnotic: it is the ebb and flow of its waves. Wow guests in your kitchen with arched doors in varieties such as roman, cathedral, crown, soft arch, or a combination thereof.
  3. slab doors – If your style is clean and streamlined, you’ll want to check out slab doors for your kitchen cabinets, which give consistency to your entire kitchen.

kitchen door finishes

  1. colors – From dove white to onyx black and every color in between, if you can dream it, a kitchen cabinet finish can deliver.
  2. enamels – Add more sparkle and drama to your kitchen with a custom enamel finish. From maroon to moss, all of nature’s beauty can be captured in the finish of your kitchen cabinets.


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