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Are you interested in starting your own blog? Are you using a blogging platform right now and not happy with it? Well, I have good news. I have been blogging for quite some time and have used almost every blogging platform out there.

I finally realized that, in my opinion, there is no other blogging platform that is comparable to WordPress.

WordPress is a far superior blogging platform and there are quite a few reasons why. I will list just a few to keep this article relatively short.

Ease of use

WordPress by nature is very easy to use. When it comes to writing down your thoughts and categorizing them in an easy to use and read format, WordPress nails it.

The control panel that WordPress uses is super simple. You log in, click a couple of buttons, start typing, and then click another button where your post is ready to be read by the world. Does it get easier?

Friendly search engine

WordPress comes out of the box and is quite search engine friendly. However, you need to change a few things after installing the blog.

The first, in my opinion, would be the permalink structure. Unfortunately, when you first set up your blog, the permalink structure isn’t very pretty. But fortunately that is easily corrected. Now the permalink structure is just a sample of what you can do with the default WordPress platform.

The complements

Oh, the add-ons. You definitely can’t forget about plugins when it comes to WordPress. The wide range of plugins that are offered for WordPress completely free of charge is staggering. You can find a WordPress plugin to do pretty much anything you want.

Especially optimize the blog for search engine performance. A wide range of plugins that are available will make your blog a powerhouse when it comes to dominating the search engines.

The topics

WordPress has thousands of themes available. You can practically find a theme for any niche you can imagine. The themes are well coded and very sharp.

You can find many styles of themes to suit your personal needs, and you will most likely find them for free.

Anyway, those are just the few small reasons why I choose WordPress over the other blogging platforms. I could go on and on for hours on why I should use WordPress, but unfortunately I am limited to the space I can use here today.

But, know this … WordPress is the number one blogging platform right now. That is my opinion at the time of writing this article.


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