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Teachers are people who have a great impact on the lives of children. Because of this, teachers are held to very high standards to keep their jobs. – And keeping a clean record is part of it. A DUI is something that can ruin a teacher’s clean record and the penalties of a DUI as a teacher can be more than a legal nightmare riddled with fines, community service, counseling, and DUI school.

The potential for job loss

In some cases, a teacher who gets a DUI can lose his or her job immediately. However, in other situations teachers will be able to continue working, but their contract cannot be renewed at the end of its term. Ultimately, the decision depends on the school, the circumstances of the DUI, and the state. If the DUI is a misdemeanor, the employer may be a little more lenient. However, if the DUI conviction is a felony, then of course the risk of a teacher losing their job is much higher.

Suspension of work

Some school districts will choose an alternative form of punishment for a teacher who is convicted of DUI, such as suspension without pay or requiring the teacher to take a year off. The length of time the suspension lasts will depend on the school and may include other requirements, such as completing an alcohol rehabilitation program. Either way, these options will still mean a loss of salary for the teacher. Which, financially speaking, is just one more shock as a result of a DUI conviction.

Loss of teacher license or certification

Depending on the state where a teacher is arrested and convicted of drunk driving, they may automatically lose their teacher license or certification. Unfortunately, if this happens, it will leave the teacher with the responsibility of having to find a completely new career, as he may not be able to find a job in education. Obviously, this can be a huge blow to anyone in the teaching profession.

Being a teacher is hard work. It is a career that most people choose because they really enjoy helping people and having an impact on young people. That is why every teacher should remember the severe punishment for a DUI conviction in the field of education. Hell, if you drink, call a cab. It is much cheaper and could save your life and your career.


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