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There is virtually no limit to the types of marketing strategies an entrepreneur has at his disposal. And over the years, with the daily discovery of new concepts and designs, the biggest problem an entrepreneur will face is choosing which one is best suited to their new business.

Basically, modern marketing can be divided into three general categories: traditional marketing, word of mouth marketing, and newer online marketing.

  • Traditional Marketing – Also known as offline marketing, traditional marketing used to be the only area that dominated the focus of marketers and business owners. This type of marketing strategy is in turn divided into two groups, print and collectively, radio and television. This may seem like a dinosaur to some, but it is still very effective and consistently produces good results. For startups, you can make use of printed materials such as brochures, posters, and direct mail marketing using catalogs, for example. You can even use interactive and personal marketing by giving products and samples. For those on a larger budget, TV and radio ads are highly recommended to reach a wider audience and get your message across effectively.
  • Word of mouth marketing – This is by far the most effective and powerful. You can instantly turn a consumer into a customer. This is because this type of marketing is the by-product of the other two marketing strategies and the consequent satisfaction with what was provided in exchange for your patronage. Because word of mouth marketing is placed on the shoulders of satisfied customers who then share this satisfaction with the people who trust them, this trust is transferred to the company. This gives the company an amount of credibility for the new customer that no amount of media-based advertising could achieve.
  • Online Marketing: This is the newest and may be the most powerful, since it has opened a Pandora’s box of different types of marketing strategies that have completely changed the face of marketing. Here you can find numerous methods to explore a new business. Some of the best ideas would include affiliate marketing, article marketing, social media, and blogging. Affiliate marketing can take a similar form to traditional print-based marketing by placing banner ads on websites, but it can reach many more people. Article marketing and blogging allow for two strategies at the same time. Both can be used to directly promote a product or service, or they can be used to help drive traffic to a website for the same purpose. Social media is the online version of word of mouth marketing and has the ability to “personally touch” a large number of people instantly with basically the touch of a button.

Regardless of the type of marketing strategies a startup decides to use, it seems that the Internet should figure prominently in that decision.


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