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Gothic home decor and decorations, you either love it or you hate it. Dreaming of very pale dried red roses against a medieval throne chair is enough to weaken the knees of the most macabre damsel.

There are several different types of Gothic decorations, ranging from gravestone engraved art to more subdued Gothic-Victorian themes. Whatever the case, if you are someone who enjoys this type of interior design, the following 10 gothic decorating ideas will be of great benefit to you and the undead who cohabit there.

Gothic Living Room: If you like entertaining, a Gothic living room, with oak and mahogany furniture, earth tone walls, hardwood floors, long chandeliers, and large antique chairs will raise your reputation with your friends and family. You can also opt for door and window panels, with a rusty and weather-beaten look with a tinted glass film, to enhance the gothic quotient of that room.

Gothic Bedrooms: The Gothic look can also be used to achieve a very romantic setting for couples bedrooms. Here, large canopied beds, in old-world patterns, and rich, comfortable fabrics like satins, matte silks, foamy leathers, and velvets are an absolute must. The lighting should also be soft, to create a gothic but romantic atmosphere. Hanging candle lanterns work especially well.

Gothic Garden: The sky’s the limit, when you want to experiment with a Gothic garden, leaving out references to “Jasmine and Rose” … Exotic, strange and visually stunning deadly deadly flowers and orchids would be a good fit. In terms of furnished accessories, you can try weeping Gothic fountains, gargoyle figurines, or cast iron seats.

Gothic bathroom: these bathrooms should ideally have large dimensions of area, to be able to play with the darkness and the light. In such a bathroom, porcelain items are highly appreciated. A black and white checkerboard floor would be great. Large mirrors with intricate medieval panels are also preferred here. Even your shower and sink fixtures can have medieval signatures or shapes of magical creatures. The warm glow of numerous purple and red sails gleamed on the water’s surfaces. Using dark candles or even dragon incense holders works quite well.

Gothic Kitchen – Such a kitchen should play with a variety of building materials that go well with the medieval theme. In particular, woodworking is necessary to add a touch of rustic simplicity to your kitchen. In addition to these, the shelves and cabinets could make use of stones, stained glass and wrought iron. Plus, you can hang your pots and plates from a low beam to add a touch of authenticity to the entire look for a Sweeney Todd feel. To take things a step further, try hanging a mace or battle ax on the wall. Even model your kitchen after Chef Vegan Black Metal!

Gothic Colors: Oh, the horror, you mean there is a color other than black? All other varieties of dark and vibrant colors go well with a gothic setting. Here, you can choose to paint the walls of your home with different types of red, purple and stone tones.

Gothic wallpapers – these are, now, abundantly available on the market, in a large number of interesting patterns and motifs. They are affordable to buy and you can experiment with different types of these, every few months.

Gothic Lanterns: They can give a very magnificent look to your living room, bedrooms and even bathrooms. For maximum effect, opt for candle holders that add a royal touch to your abode.

Gothic Figures – They are available in the shapes of a large number of mystical creatures such as dragons, gargoyles, skulls, and more.

Fireplaces – A simple fireplace, in arched wooden shapes, is perfect for your gothic home decor. If you want to go for the vampire lord type of feel, go for a ridiculous lion-headed marble fireplace mantel.


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