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English bulldogs make great family pets. These loyal and affectionate dogs attract families from all over the world with their short, muscular bodies and lots of wrinkles. They are the most adorable puppies and the most beautiful dogs when fully grown. The one thing that many dog ​​owners don’t realize is that while English bulldogs are such amazing family pets, they are exceptionally stubborn.

The best way to train any dog ​​is with positive reinforcement. When dealing with a dog of a stubborn nature, negative reinforcement, such as yelling or slapping, will not deliver any results. Teaching the dog that when they do something well they are rewarded is the best method for this particular breed that craves attention and is loyal, wanting to please its owner when it can.

One of the best methods of training your English bulldog is clicker training. Clicker training has been used by dolphin trainers for years and comes with many positive rewards. When it comes to a stubborn dog, you can’t afford a delay between the dog actually doing what you’ve asked and praising it. Due to the fact that these dogs love their owners’ attention, petting them to tell them they have done well will only increase their craving for affection.

Another thing to remember is that these dogs do not like exercise. When you remove the collar and leash, the dog will likely lie down and refuse to leave the house. Being indoor dogs, you also want to make sure that they won’t litter your house when you’re out or chew on your expensive couch if you leave them alone.

This means that petting the dog to tell him he has done well or giving him cookies or treats is not the way to go. With clicker training, the dog soon learns that when you click, it has done what you asked it to do. It is a quick method that requires a lot of patience and quick triggers. When your English bulldog finally does what you ask him to do, which can take a lot of time and patience, praise him in a positive voice. The dog will soon realize that saying “good boy” in a happy tone is exactly what he needs and they know that you are happy with his achievement.

Associating the clicker with positive consequences has proven to be a great success in English bulldog training. When training this particular breed, you cannot afford to take a break from training. Training should take place at regular intervals at various times of the day. Keep training times short because the dog will lose interest. Remember that patience is key as these dogs have a mind of their own and will be stubborn to begin with.

Begin your training as soon as your new puppy arrives home. The first training is house training, teaching the dog to only go outside when he needs to go to the bathroom. This is the most important step in the training process and once you have accomplished it, you can move on to other training techniques. Puppies can begin to train, understand commands, and follow commands as early as two months of age.

When you start your training routine with an English bulldog, it is advisable to put together a set routine that includes feeding times, bath times, and games. A dog with an established routine will be a happy and confident dog. Be sure to add in some ten minute training times into the day to ensure you start working on the important commands you want your dog to learn in the future.


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