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Since its launch, we’ve been one of the biggest fans of Toshiba’s T135 ultra-slim notebook series. They were extremely stylish, slim, practical, and most important of all, they were a great price. The 13.3-inch Toshiba T135-S1305 comes with an Intel SU4100 (1.3 Ghz) processor. It has 3 GB of DDR3 RAM and 320 GB for storage. This set of specs is perfect for those looking for a laptop to run common tasks like running Office apps, checking emails, browsing the web, and watching movies.

For graphics processing, the Toshiba T135-S1305 has an Intel GMA 4500M processor. The screen is a backlit HD LED screen and it also comes with an HDMI output. As for connectivity, this model has built-in 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. Then there are 3 USB ports, a VGA output, and audio jacks. With a good selection of ports and connectors, this laptop can be connected to almost any type of device imaginable.

The extra computing power and slim profile of the Toshiba T135-S1305 make it a great alternative to netbooks. Small netbooks are generally considered underpowered compared to full-featured laptops, and honestly, they’re not as comfortable to use as full-size laptops.

The design of the Toshiba T135-S1305 would also be one of its biggest highlights. We especially liked the white color model. It measures 12.7 x 1.35 x 8.78 inches in dimensions and weighs 3.9 pounds. It also has an impressive 9-hour battery life that significantly increases its portability. Overall, the Toshiba T135-S1305 13.3-inch ultra-slim laptop has proven to be a very practical, stylish and portable laptop model. At the moment, it is priced at around $577 per unit.


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