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This list is the result of an experience I had with my own immune system. I went to a dentist to have a tooth pulled and he insisted that he take antibiotics for a week afterwards. I resisted the idea, knowing how they affect the immune system. They are, after all, anti biotic. But I nodded.

The first day I took the drug I could feel my energy drop. At the end of the week I started having severe bronchitis and sinusitis, digestive system problems and yeast infections that resulted in urinary tract infections. It took me six months of intense work to get my immune system back to where it was before taking the antibiotics. During that time I used everything I had in my immune system enhancement toolbox.

Everything on this list is what I did, used, and drank during that time. It’s a long list and I didn’t do everything every day. You don’t need to do everything every day either, but doing some of the things every day will help you build a stronger immune system. I offer them in the hope that some or all of them may also help you strengthen your immune system.

Please note that this is information from my own experiences. Please use your own discretion and know that your results may vary from mine. The information within this list is intended for educational and informational purposes only. The information contained in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I encourage you to make your own health care decisions based on your own research and/or consultation in collaboration with your health care provider.


1.Tai Chi – stimulates the internal organs, increases the flow of energy throughout the body and strengthens the immune system. In addition, it is mentally relaxing and is often called “moving meditation.”

2. Walk – a 20-minute walk preferably at noon gives the body the sun exposure it needs for vitamin D. Brisk walking also strengthens the respiratory system with deep breathing, thereby oxygenating the body.

3. Meditation – Calms and relieves stress. If you don’t have a favorite method or don’t know how, guided meditations and visualizations are available on CD and as downloads.

4. Qi Kung – a Chinese method of moving Chi, or life force energy within the body, stimulating vital organs and supporting the immune system

5. Gardening – putting your hands on the ground connects you with the energy of the Earth, which is very calming and calming.

6. Dry brushing – helps the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins from your body. Start at the extremities (hands or feet) and with the palm of your hand gently brush towards the center in long, smooth strokes. For example, brush from the wrist to the elbow, then from the elbow to the shoulder. Be sure to brush all extremity surfaces and brush ONLY toward the center.

7. Deep circular breathing – When you feel tense, anxious, angry or any other similar emotion, you unconsciously start to breathe shallowly. This reduces the amount of oxygen your body receives. Consciously begin to breathe deeply, emptying your lungs, then inhale slowly and gently through your nose, drawing the air deep into your lungs. You should see your stomach expand as you do this. If not, and your shoulders rise, you are breathing shallowly. (Women: Wearing a bra restricts your ability to fully open your lungs, so you may need to work harder or remove your bra.) Continue to draw air into the lungs, filling them from the bottom up. When your lungs are completely full, slowly release the air from the top of your lungs to the bottom. Repeat.

8. Soak in a bath – add a handful of Epsom salts to lukewarm or comfortably hot bath water to flush out toxins created by depression out of your body.

9. Eat organic – The more organic food you eat, the less energy your body uses to fight the effects of chemicals in food.

10. Drink a LOT of pure water – to help your body get rid of toxins, drink plenty of pure water (no chlorine, fluoride or other chemicals)

11. Do not use dryer sheets or fabric softeners – These products are loaded with chemicals, some of which are on the EPA Hazardous Materials List. The chemicals remain on the clothing and are rubbed into the skin when the clothing is put on. Everything that happens in your body, enters your body. Furthermore, the vapors from these products are especially harmful to the respiratory system and can cause bronchitis, asthma and other similar ailments. Instead, use baking soda to remove odors and soften fabrics, white vinegar to remove static electricity, and wool dryer balls in the dryer to remove wrinkles.


1. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Commonly known as “tapping,” this method relieves the disruptions in the body’s energy system that are the cause of all negative emotions. Many previous studies have shown that emotions such as anger and stress can negatively affect the immune system. It only takes a few minutes to feel relief using EFT. Instructions here:

2. Cap change – Research has shown that over 90% of all conscious thought is actually subconscious programming. This method works to reprogram your subconscious to those thoughts that are beneficial to you. Simply change your thinking whenever you find yourself thinking negatively. It doesn’t have to be the opposite of negative thinking, just something that makes you feel happier.

3. The emotion code – Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, this quick and easy process releases trapped negative emotions such as anger, fear and sadness from the body.

4. Psycho-K – This process rewrites the subconscious beliefs you have that control more than 90% of your conscious thoughts. Those beliefs can easily create emotional imbalances that compromise the effectiveness of the immune system. A certified professional can guide you through the simple yet powerful process in person or during a phone session.

5. Music – Specific sounds and rhythms affect us emotionally, some beneficially and some detrimentally, and emotions affect the immune system. There are CDs and music downloads that have been created on purpose to calm and uplift the emotions. Two of my favorite sources are Jonathan Goldman and David Gibson. His CDs and downloads are available online, as are many others.


1. Elderberry extract – a full dropper in a glass of water each morning is my favorite way to start my day supporting my immune system. My body even seems to want it!

2. Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D3 deficiency is associated with increased autoimmunity, as well as increased susceptibility to infections. I used to take vitamin C to support my immune system, but found that it was making my body too acidic and causing UTIs. A doctor told me to substitute D3 because it is non-acidic and just as effective at supporting the immune system. Now I take D3 and no longer have urinary infections.

2. Herbal extracts – there are many liquid herbal extracts created to help support the immune system. My favorite is a few drops of a daily immune builder in a glass of water every day.

3. Herbal teas – Nothing soothes like a hot cup of aromatic herbal tea. Single teas and blends are available. I use Traditional Medicinals because I like their blends and because they are organic. My favorites to help boost my immune system are Throat Coat and BreathEasy.

4.L-Lysine – is an amino acid that has been found to be effective in preventing and treating the herpes virus, especially cold sores. It has been called a viral retardant that prevents viruses from proliferating. L-lysine strengthens the immune system in the liver and helps in some of the most important functions of the organ. When taken with acidophilus, its effectiveness is increased, according to a pharmacist who told me about cold sores and lysine years ago.

5. Probiotics – Although there are millions of types of probiotics in pill form, I prefer to eat my probiotics in yogurt. Whichever form you prefer, probiotics are an important part of a strong immune system. They improve the health of your digestive system and some say they help reduce allergies.

Essential oils

I only use the highest quality oils available. I make sure they are steam distilled which means no chemicals are used in the distillation process and therefore no chemical residues in the oils. They must also be organic and laboratory tested to meet Therapeutic Grade, the highest grade of oils.

1. Clove – highly antiviral

2. frankincense

3. Idaho Balsam Fir

4. Tea tree oil

5. oregano

Application methods: diffuse; apply directly to wrists, temples, neck, ear rims, heart, and chakras; inhale directly; add 2-3 drops to your bath water (my favorite!); apply a few drops to cotton balls and place them on the vents in your home and car.


These books have proven valuable to me in helping me learn about the relationship between the immune system and emotions/beliefs. All of these books are available on

1. The biology of belief by Bruce Lipton

two. evolve your brain by Joe Dispenza

3. The emotion code by Dr Bradley Nelson

Four. you can heal your life by Louise Hay


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