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By 2010, there were many, many opinions among PS3 fans about which games should rank among the best. And for Sony’s big console, there were plenty of great titles to choose from. However, over time, much of the debate has been relegated to the lower ranks, with the best games being almost obvious. So regardless of one’s preference on whether these games should be first, second, or third, there’s no question that they remain among the best PS3 games for the past year and maybe even all time.

First up is the amazing Assassin’s Creed 2. It features Ezio, Altair’s more modern successor, and his forays into 15th century Italy. One thing that is very remarkable about this game is Ezio’s versatility and the sheer amount of detail found in the environment.

Almost every aspect of Assassin’s Creed 2 has been improved from the first, including the ability to steal, swim, and slide, as well as the various ways to defeat an enemy. This game is undoubtedly one of the most popular and anticipated series from Ubisoft. And while the first installment is already a great achievement in terms of graphics and gameplay, the second significantly surpasses it.

Then there’s God of War 3. Unlike Assassin’s Creed, this continues the story of the series’ main protagonist – Kratos, who started from being a mere mortal to reaching the status of a god, and then went on to quench his thirst. to take revenge on Mount Olympus. Many aspects of the original have also been improved, but the same things that made previous games so famous have been retained, such as bloody ending movements, painstakingly detailed characters and environments, and great production values. However, with God of War 3, a minigame has also been included to expand the gameplay.

And last but not least of the best PS3 games, there is Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, hailed by many as the best game for PS3 (or at least, very close to number 1). The series follows the story of Big Boss, this time on his quest to kill Liquid Ocelot, again using some fancy gear and dependable allies. Many times the game crosses the border between a great movie and a great game, but manages to combine both into one great package. It wins in many ways, like the intricate story (which rivals many modern action movies), the incredible graphics, and the intense stealth action. Its included online team shooter is also a great addition to the game.

Needless to say, these are just some of the best PS3 games for 2010. But for next year, even more titles are expected, such as Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, and others. All the more reason to keep your PS3 console clean and ready to play.


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