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I once believed that writing was just a gift, given to a select few. However, I have come to believe that this is not true for several reasons. When I hear a story told in a typical conversation, I often say, “Wow! That’s interesting! You should write that down and share it with people.” The answer I get so often is, “I couldn’t do that. I’m not a writer. I’m not educated enough to do something like that.” They are unaware of the fact that some of our most prominent authors have been people with no education or training who simply scribbled their thoughts and feelings on paper. Perhaps it was recorded in a diary or personal diary that was found long after they left and was published by family members. On the other hand, their writing might have been seen by a close friend or family member who encouraged them to publish their material and ultimately touch the lives of readers everywhere. I am now in the process of reading a book that was simply a diary, written by a man who would be grossly illiterate from today’s point of view. It was written in the 1600s, reprinted many times, and not only read, but studied by thousands, if not millions of people. It is not an easy read, but it has so much to say that I, like many others, find it interesting and absorbing. If he can do that, why can’t he be like that to anyone?

I wrote my first book several years ago and it was so well received that it took me by surprise. I had no intention of writing a book. I had just lost someone dear to my heart and in my pain I began to write him a letter every day. He wasn’t there to read it, but he brought peace to my heart. When I finally got to the end, I realized that he had told his story. It was the story of my life and the influence that this great man had on my life. My pastor read it, gave it to a publisher and before he knew what was going on I became a published author. The book is out of print, but served its purpose. I did not become rich or famous, but my book is still of great value to many people, and that was undoubtedly the ultimate purpose of that effort.

In 2007, my husband of 56 years died, leaving me with limited finances. I have an autistic granddaughter who has been in my care since she was born. As I struggled to make ends meet, I started looking for ways to make money. I couldn’t leave home to work outside the home because I needed to be there to take care of her. This situation left me in what I considered an impossible situation. One day I received a card in the mail suggesting that I become an online entrepreneur. I tossed it aside, believing it was beyond my ability. Not long after, I received another similar card and this time I didn’t throw it away. I put it away for a while and finally decided to call the number on the card. Eventually, I invested a large sum of money and began my efforts to get rich writing and selling my work online. The show had a guarantee, so how could I lose?

While I was doing my best to make things work, I met someone online who I was deeply impressed with. I was working to make money teaching others how to do what I was trying to do, but she did it with a thoughtful and considerate attitude. That’s when I started to learn. However, what I learned was how to work with purpose and how to enjoy every minute of my work. It wasn’t about getting rich; rather it was about finding my niche and making the most of who I am. Of all the things I do, I find that writing is my joy. I remember as a child I would take a pencil and paper to bed, hide it under a pillow, and once my parents were asleep I would use a flashlight to have enough light to see the paper. The one I mentioned above became my mentor and not at a cost beyond my resources. He charged minimal amounts for lessons and reports, and also offers a lot of free help; however, it seemed that he was getting nowhere. I printed them out, read the whole thing, and finally realized that I just wasn’t getting it. He was teaching, I was reading, but he wasn’t absorbing the truth of what he was trying to say.

Finally he offered me a course and since I had so much confidence in him, I took it. That was when everything changed for me. Suddenly a light went on and I could see that he was trying to be something he wasn’t cut out to be. He was trying to write and sell information with the idea of ​​achieving a high degree of wealth and that was not my strong suit. I’m not an information writer, I’m a storyteller. I have lived for 76 years and have experienced a lot in my life. However, writing about it in a way that others would benefit from was not for me. I needed to write in the form of a story, just like I do now, to find satisfaction in what I do.

My mentor has a good purpose in trying to make money online. His efforts are directed at using that money to help others less fortunate. This is true for many online sellers. As for me, it’s not so much about the money as it is about wanting my stories to be an end in themselves. Different people write for different reasons. I write in an effort to provide encouragement and inspiration to people around the world. The autism stories taken from the 22 year old diary involving my efforts with my granddaughter have been helpful to many. My poetry is often published in magazines and newspapers free of charge. I believe that if we give, we will eventually receive.

I am telling my story to encourage those who have never thought of writing articles or books to consider giving it a try. Write down some of the things you talk about when you communicate with others. Try to write down some of your memories or some of your deepest thoughts. Who knows? You could be the writer the world is waiting for. I think one of the best reasons to write is focused on family. I wish my parents and grandparents had written down some of their experiences and memories. There would be a lot to learn from that. His way of life is now history. What is happening in our lives today will be history for our offspring.

I suggest you start a registry. If you are in the spring of your life, start a life story by entering data into that log every day. It may seem unimportant to you now, but the day will come when it can be valuable information for you and those who care about you. If you are in the summer of your days, you already have a lot to tell. Most of you in the fall years have children who will one day want to know more about you and your outlook on life itself. If you have made it to the winter years like me, think about the past, collect your memories of yesteryear and leave behind some precious story that can live on for decades to come.

May this be the first day of your writing career. Whether you have a lifetime to write or even a few years, what you have to say may be more important to others than you realize. I hope this article encourages you to start now to write the story of tomorrow.


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