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A beautifully decorated patio terrace, or roof terrace, in today’s environment, the garden and the outdoors are an essential extension of our homes. Balancing the five essential elements of earth, fire, water, air and ether and interacting with nature along with some unique ideas not only makes our house vibrate with life, but also brings the healing feeling of nature to our senses.

The adorable detailed arches, artistically hand-carved with floral and leaf motifs, enhance the view of the mountains at the lodge where we gather in the summer for a holistic rejuvenation of the spirit. The barn doors with earthy Tuscan vibes in the kitchen and the antique Indian door hugging the entrance to the garden, the exterior patio renovation adds a new dimension to the home environment. The kitchen windows facing the mountains are accented with custom arches, the patina seeped deep into the wood over time, the carvings are reminiscent of Mediterranean architecture, what a paralyzing time it is at sunset or sunrise.

The patio design with rustic decorating ideas is grounded and stunning as it blends in with nature. The carved jali panels are strategically placed so that the morning sun filters through and casts beautiful shadows on the walls. Potted plants are lush and cleansing. The music of the water falling behind the granite Buddha sculpture is so peaceful and zen. The state-of-the-art stainless steel grill and oven with stone walls that have vines growing everywhere is like cooking in a natural habitat but with modern luxuries.

The extra long console in dark teal with carved sunbursts serves as storage for your kitchen utensils and table linens. Seating is comfy with plush armchairs and an exotic antique brass door coffee table with camels adds the wow factor. Designed with earthly elegance, the terrace leads to the surface of nature’s bounty, where we see a huge black granite elephant with its trumpet in the air, a beautiful symbol of good luck and strength.

Muted tones with an earthy touch, antique cabinets with burnished patinas and antique carvings work wonderfully as coat hangers in cold weather. A relaxing homey atmosphere, the mantel made of old architectural beams gives an old world cottage feel to the deck. Healing and gently sensual, the rustic forest falls in love with your soul.


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