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When it comes to marketing your business online, classifieds are your friends. The more classified ads you place, the greater the chances of increasing traffic to your website. It’s about quantity. The good news is that there are literally hundreds of websites that allow you to place a classified ad for free. Also, most websites will run your classified ad online for at least a month. Some websites will allow you to post your ad for up to 6 months. This is great because once you’ve created a quality listing for your business and placed it on one site, you don’t have to go back and resubmit the ad for months.

When most people think of Internet advertising through free classifieds, they think of Craigslist; however, there are many more options available that you can use to market your business. This is especially necessary because all too often companies that place ads on Craigslist for business opportunities are removed and then the online business owner finds himself coming back and re-posting over and over again.

To start finding additional free classifieds websites online, do a Google search for “free classifieds.” Some of the websites may require you to create an account, however many will allow you to start posting without any account creation requirement. When I have to create an account, I usually use the same username and password if possible. This allows me to easily remember my login information when I visit the website again.

I would recommend that you write a good description of your business / website and cut and paste the same description on each of the classified websites. You may need to tweak it a bit, but for the most part you should be able to cut and paste the same description and that will save you some work.

When creating your description, be sure to use very “keyword rich” content. Since most online classified websites limit the characters in their description, you need to make sure you make the most of your space. You should carefully select the words that will give your ads the best chance of ranking high in search engines.

Please note that every time you place an ad online with a link to your website, a reciprocal link is created. Google tends to rank websites that have a lot of reciprocal links above others. The reasoning behind this is that if other websites find that their content is good enough to link to you, then their content must be of higher quality.

Free online classifieds are especially good for an online business owner who is just starting out and may be on a tight budget. Looking ahead, make it a personal goal to post at least one new classified ad per day.


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