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March Madness is an event that attracts national sports awareness from the first week of March to the first week of April. March Madness is the concentrated hype of 65 teams vying for the biggest prize in college basketball, a national title. 2.5 BILLION dollars each year is illegally wagered on NCAA college basketball racks, not even 4% of all legal wagers in Las Vegas. NCAA college basketball brackets are the most exciting time of the year because of the last-second baskets that ring the bell, the joy of winning to play another day, and the agony of losing and coming home until next year. Some teams only get 1 chance every 20 years in the NCAA college basketball categories. It’s a time for teams to shine, step up their game, and take home the national championship.

March madness 2009 will be one of the best races in a national championship this year. There are so many incredible teams this year that it is difficult to choose a winner. Some of the strongest teams this year include Connecticut, North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest, Pittsburgh, and even Clemson. One of the teams that surprises throughout the year has been Marquette. Marquette will be a sleeper team in all NCAA college basketball brackets. Don’t be surprised if they make it to sweet 16 or elite 8. The team that seems strongest to win all this year is the University of Connecticut. They are playing with the best team chemistry at the moment and they look almost flawless. Winning the NCAA college basketball keys will require the winning team to play with near-perfect chemistry throughout the tournament.

Each and every year there will be “Cinderella” teams looking to go far in the March Madness tournament. It never fails year after year! There have been some amazing races like George Mason’s in 2006 that made it to the final 4! Most people have never heard of George Mason before! After 2006, almost everyone knows George Mason now. They had such a remarkable run in the national championship. This is definitely the time for teams to shine or go home. One of the worst feelings for teams is drowning when they arrive at the March Madness tournament after playing almost perfect all year. It happens, in fact, quite often, to the best teams. Only last year we found that all number 1 seeds went to final 4! That has NEVER happened! It was an extremely surprising finish 4, especially seeing no second seed there. This year may be even more surprising. That is the joy of the march + madness. It is one of the most unpredictable turns of events. Picking almost all 64 teams well is one in 10 TRILLION. Those odds are phenomenal. I wish you the best of luck to win your March madness hiatus and whatever you do, don’t give up hope on your teams when things start to get bad! This is a wild time of year!


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