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For many entrepreneurs, starting a small business is the easy part. The work really begins when it comes to finding new customers to purchase your products and / or services. However, you’ll never find out until you’re in it – direct prospecting and indirect prospecting are challenging, but vital to your success. After all, who do you like to sell to? I know that it is not. That feeling increases and you suddenly feel like a college graduate asking your parents for money. But it is important, so I have chosen it as the topic of the day.

When it comes to prospecting, it’s important to reach as many potential customers as possible. As long as you remember that prospecting is more of a mindset than an activity, you are well on your way to being successful in your customer search. To be successful in prospecting, you must always be on the lookout for potential prospects. And remember that your competition or vast knowledge of your product line won’t mean a sale if you don’t have a qualified prospect.

Give something of value

I guarantee that your prospects will remember the guy who showed up at their door (or email) and gave them something of value for free. When was the last time someone did that for you? Too often, free is never really free. Get it for free! They will remember you for that. WuFoo and Plan to Start Network are just a few of the many companies that are defining their business models around this concept.

So what do you get as a small business owner in return? You gain brand confidence, a higher customer retention rate, and your sales will increase on SKYROCKET. Most prospects are really looking for you – a company they can be loyal to, that is good to them. Give them that.


Whatever strategy you have in place for your direct or indirect prospecting, it is important to make your prospecting routine. For this, you need to set aside a specific time of day or week to prospect, either through phone calls or by sending emails. Always remember that your prospecting is just as important as any other business activity, so avoid the temptation to put it off or avoid it altogether. Do whatever it takes and stay focused on this moment, even if it means closing the door or stopping all other calls.


To be successful in direct or indirect prospecting, you must organize yourself and keep proper records of your activities. For this, you may need a computerized contact system to keep track of your responses, future prospects, and appointments.


Being successful in direct or indirect prospecting doesn’t mean you have to have a script in place. But don’t just read the script to your prospects over the phone, as they are likely to hang up on you. Instead, practice and rehearse until your message is fine-tuned and sounds natural. The more practice you have, the more confident you will be when prospecting. Remember that when prospecting, your goal is to obtain information and secure an appointment, and not to sell your products to the prospect over the phone.


Always try to make contact as quickly as possible when dealing with a potential new customer. This is because there is no guarantee that they will be available or interested the next time you call. And never wait for your prospect to call you, as they may never do. Keep in mind that there are many other competing interests for your money and time, so why should they call you?

Play fair

When engaging in direct or indirect prospecting, always play fair. This means avoiding the temptation to smear your competitors or carry out personal attacks. This is not what your product will sell to your potential customer. Instead, you can make some comparisons between your product and your competitor’s while emphasizing the benefits of your product in terms of price and quality. The key is to guide your potential customer to decide to follow your product.


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