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5 tips for hiring the best local real estate agent

Whether you are looking to sell a home or buy your first home, the services of a qualified local Realtor cannot be understated. These real estate professionals work tirelessly behind the scenes so you don’t see a problem with the entire transaction, from offering to closing. Choosing the right real estate agent can be challenging unless you know exactly what to look for in the best agents.

Here are five tips for hiring the best local real estate agents and making your real estate transaction as smooth as possible.

1. The most productive agent in the office

Unlike other companies where you may not want to work with the busiest companies, in the real world this is a sign that there is a professional at work. The real estate agent in the office who is bringing in the most money and closing the most deals is busy for a reason, is getting countless referrals, never sits down for a second, and invested full time in growing his business . Just ask your local real estate office who the lead agent is and you’ll be off to a great start in finding the best agent to help you with your real estate transaction.

Contact a few local real estate offices and make a list of the best agent from each company. This is a great starting point in your search.

2. Follow an agent on Facebook

Once you have a list of some real estate agents you are considering, head over to Facebook to narrow your search. All of these agents will have a social media profile, and you can follow them or lurk in the shadows and see how they behave online. Instead of diving into questions, search the page for the answers to your questions and see how long it took the real estate agent to answer and how helpful they were with their answers.

If you’re comfortable, ask a question and see how nice the real estate agent is in addressing your issues. Since there is no commitment at the moment, you can gather information without pressure before making the decision.

3. Interaction with previous clients

The best local real estate agents will have a good following on their social media profile pages. This is your opportunity to gather detailed information without even speaking directly to the agent. Clients who have already worked with a particular real estate agent, whether to sell or buy a home, will provide comments on that social media page for local residents to read.

Send these clients a private message about the real estate agent, addressing their concerns and asking about their overall experience, both good and bad. This unbiased information can give you a clear picture of exactly what to expect if you do business with this particular real estate agent.

4. Real estate agent awards and accommodations

Whether you are looking to buy a home or sell your property, time is certainly money in each case. Another way to find out if the real estate agent you are considering can do the job faster to close a deal is to visit their real estate office website or personal website, and look for awards or accommodations that they have accumulated over the course of the years. The National Association of Realtors strives to reward the best Realtors in their region, and those Realtors proudly display those awards at any opportunity they can get.

These awards are not given to just any real estate agent, they must work incredibly hard throughout the year to get those accommodations.

5. The Local Chamber of Commerce

When you need to sell a home quickly, looking for the right listing agent every day could cost you money. One of the ways to quickly access the best real estate agent is to simply take them to your local Chamber of Commerce to inquire about local real estate agents. Not all agents in your area will be registered in the Chamber of Commerce business directory, mainly because they are held to a higher standard that they must adhere to throughout the year. These real estate agents represent the area in that directory, so they must perform at the highest level.

The Chamber of Commerce offers residents a free directory or listing on its website where you can scroll and identify real estate agents who represent the best in your area.

The best local real estate agents are easy to find if you know where to look. Take the time to work on this list and you’ll be in the best position to team up with a qualified agent who will work on your behalf to get you closed as quickly as possible. Combining some of these tips will help you find the best possible realtor who will connect with you emotionally and professionally.


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