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UPS stands for United Parcel Service, which is an organization in the United States that delivers packages by truck. Their trucks are easily identifiable because they are all brown. Actually, your company is nicknamed the big brown machine. They are specially designed and have the logo of the company as a trademark and a way to highlight them among the various delivery companies that may have brown cargo carts.

With more than 3 billion packages, letters, and packages to be delivered annually, UPS trucks must be the best and must be kept in tip-top shape to perform their functions properly. Maintenance at UPS Company cannot be compared to maintenance anywhere else because they pay on a whole new playing field when it comes to keeping your vehicles in good condition.

It is important to know at this point that maintenance is not just taking a vehicle for diagnosis or the mechanic shop. For UPS personnel and staff, they start maintenance from the fuel they use. UPS trucks use alternative types of fuel, and they do so for a number of reasons. First, the alternative fuel is profitable. Perhaps this is the main reason why this company is so successful in the United States. They save millions by using alternative fuel sources. The money raised from this is funneled back into the business and used for other urgent purposes.

In addition, the alternative fuel is environmentally friendly and respectful of the car engine. It is a corrosion that would be evident if other types of fuel were used. This is also a way to maintain trucks because a good engine ensures that the truck runs smoothly and without hitches at all times. There has been a general observation that UPS trucks never turn left unless they have no other choice. Their maintenance departments found that turning left takes a lot of time and fuel rather than turning right. If you are interested, you will notice that your trucks always turn right unless there is no provision for that to happen.

UPS also takes good care of its trucks through computerized methods. They have a system called Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI). This type of inspection is done even when the tractors really do not have a problem. This verification is often based on miles traveled and days of service expiring. This saves on fuel consumption and does some sort of diagnostics to see if the trucks may be experiencing any kind of technical problems.

Vehicle parts must always be cleaned and the type of solvent used is very important. The cleaning process is always obliged to emit waste that is not good for the environment or for the vehicle. UPS through its inventive processes has devised a way to nearly double the life of the solvents they use. The amount of toxic substances that result from the use of this type of solvent is much lower and the amount of solvent used is also very small.


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