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Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and attracts a wide range of tourists from all over the world. Greece hotels are very pleasant to stay in and offer ancient hospitality combined with modern comfort. Greece hotels offer a wide variety of accommodation for all types of tourists.

Athens is the most attractive place in central Greece and has the best hotel accommodation for the tourist. It is always better to stay in Plaka and it is a central area closer to the Acropolis.

Hotels in Athens come in various categories ranging from 5-star hotels to other categories from A to C, depending on various factors regarding each hotel.

The hotels are classified according to the facilities they have and the 5 stars turns out to be the most luxurious. The next category is category A hotels that are included in the 4-star category and group B hotels that are included in 3-star hotels. The category of hotels in Greece is classified based on various factors such as the size of the lobby, the breakfast room, the size of the room, etc.

The prices of the hotels depend on the category of the hotel and you may find that the hotels that belong to class B offer more comfort at lower prices. A peculiar thing among the categories of Hotels in the Greek Islands is that sometimes we can find a Hotel of category C better than the Hotels that are classified as Hotels in Category A. So be careful with the Categories of the Hotels and do not get carried away . for them.

Always try to see the quality of the Hotel if you are personally going to book the Hotel, and regardless of the Category and classification of the Hotels, what you want is a Hotel environment that is clean, friendly and located in a good location with more facilities in prices. reasonable.

When booking hotels, you can do it directly or through travel agencies. But you may prefer your travel agent as there is no benefit to your direct booking in the Greek hotel industry. The advantages are that the agent will take care of the whole reservation confirmation process, etc., and you will not have to talk to the hotel staff who speak Greek and other related concerns, and you can also save a lot on the long phone charges. international distance.

It is always best to book in advance, otherwise you will have to rely on the airport taxi driver, who will take you to some unknown landfill for the sake of your commission.


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