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Specs: If you are looking for an affordable yet powerful desktop PC, the Gateway LX6810-01 desktop model will be the best PC for you. First of all, we must note that this desktop computer retails for around $ 578 each. At that price, you’ll get an incredible 2.33Ghz Intel Quad processor, a whopping 8GB of RAM, and a 640GB hard drive. In terms of connectivity, it has 6 USB ports, a 15-in-1 memory card reader, an HDMI output, and even 8-channel HD Dolby Home Theater sound support. Talk about a high-end desktop PC!

Design: The Gateway LX6810-01 is a tower-style desktop PC and ships with a CPU unit, keyboard, mouse, and a set of speakers. A pair of connectors and ports are located on the top of the CPU unit in a hinged housing for easy access. Other commonly used ports are also on the front of the unit. It has a completely black casing with silver highlights. CPU unit measures 7.5 x 19 x 17.7 inches

Features and performance:Thanks to its powerful set of specifications, the Gateway LX6810-01 is capable of several heavy computing tasks. Whether in terms of multitasking or running heavy applications, this model performed very well. It is ideal for light gaming, HD movie viewing, and graphics processing. Then there’s also the nifty built-in TV tuner for watching live TV shows on your desktop. Connect the PC to an HDTV and you have a complete entertainment center on your desktop! With a modest price tag and an impressive set of specs, the Gateway LX6810-01 is an unbeatable value. It’s the perfect desktop PC for anyone looking for a desktop with high-end specs and a low price!


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