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The Playboy mansion is the place almost all men dream of going. It houses the playmates of the famous men’s magazine Playboy. It’s no wonder guys want to stay or even live in this mansion. Forbes described it as a mansion that has a Tudor Gothic style. Even the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, has a special room that many millions know as a secret room that no one has ever seen.

If you don’t know who Elvis Presley is, you’d better brush up on his musical background. There are many imitators in Las Vegas who copy the style of the late King of Rock. Yes, you guys know, and Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner also said that Elvis Presley likes women of all colors. Hefner, who is an avid fan of the King of Rock, said that in the early ’70s, Elvis stayed at the mansion with only eight girls in the room. Hefner said that most celebrities always want to see and stay in Elvis’s suite, but Hefner doesn’t allow anyone to enter the room, so this room will always remain an enigma to the public.

But what else is there in the mansion that you want to know? Well, playmates are the most important thing to know; they stay in the mansion for a while. So if you ever get an invitation to a playboy party, feel free to accept it right away. It would be a lifetime opportunity that can only happen once in a lifetime.

The Elvis suite is one of the many locations in the mansion. There are several places in the mansion that a person can visit, if he ever has the opportunity to be invited by Hefner himself. The mansion sits on 5.3 acres. It is located near the northwest corner of the Los Angeles Country Club, which is close to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

The mansion consists of 29 rooms that includes a wine cellar, a room reserved for games, even a zoo and an aviary that comes with a pet cemetery (in case an animal dies). There are also several tennis courts, a beautiful waterfall, and don’t forget the pool area, which is great if you want to see your playmates in their bathing suits.

The secret room known as the “Elvis Suite” is kept out of public view until now, simply because Hefner wants to keep it as a special room. Like most of us, we want to keep something special for ourselves, simply because we want to preserve that person’s memory of our past. Perhaps not in the distant future, the public can still see this special room specially reserved for Elvis Presley and we can discover what secrets are hidden in this room.

Playboy Mansion may still be a dream for millions of kids, but we can always dream. We can also look forward to seeing Elvis Presley’s secret room, playing Elvis music, while being surrounded by not one but many Playboy playmates.


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