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Corporate Tai Chi is the commercial application of tai chi, a system of martial and meditative exercise. It contains many alternatives for the business world as a stress management tool and attitude enhancer. For those unfamiliar, this slow, fluid exercise, originally from China, is practiced in parks, studios and beaches around the world. It has been brought to the corporation due to its synergistic fit and cascading profits.

It has been shown around the world that certain factors predict employee productivity, leading to profit. I will refer to seven: stress, recognition, leadership, benefits, environment, economy and industrial competition. They are all related to each other, one affects the other, and all are positively affected by corporate tai chi.

People are stressed by not having a “relief valve” system in their corporate structure, no matter how much they enjoy their work. Corporate tai chi offers this relief. On a daily basis, there are studies citing how stress at work is directly related to income stream and how employees function at a higher level without it. Then it could be concluded that less is more. Less stress, better health, and focus on homework. Better health, less sick time. More time on task, more productivity. Better focus, higher task completion. More productivity, more profits.

It is a known fact that one of the biggest drivers of productivity is employee recognition. Many people say that the number one reason they leave a job is because no one has praised their worth, because they are invisible. Installing improved working conditions that include my theme or other mind / body programming is a way of recognizing the value, comfort, and worth of employees. This is demonstrated by the popularity, low turnover and stability of companies today, such as Google, best known for granting this kind of holistic recognition. Less turnover, less expenses. Less expenses, more benefits.

The strength of leadership in a corporation strongly influences productivity. If you are loyal to your leader, you will produce more. If corporate tai chi is installed, you will see more balanced leadership as the program lowers leadership stress levels. If the leadership is calm and more focused, it will be more efficient, with more presence, with better direction. If leadership installs effective programming to balance the team, productivity increases. Of course, loyalty to leadership means a better job. Better work, more production, more income.

When you think about it, the expression “what do I get?” May come up, whether we are attached to the principle of trade described in Ayn Rand’s book, “Atlas Shrugged”, where we agree that it is our responsibility to produce for our own benefit or if we study humility. As employees, we seek benefits, even if the benefit benefits others. As leadership, we do the same. Corporate tai chi is a benefit that has the potential to de-stress, recognize, and refine. ultimately increase revenue. It is worth considering.

A peaceful corporate culture is strong. People acquire the qualities of their environment. Because tai chi creates balance, energy and motivation; corporate tai chi has the opportunity to create a work-life balance and an elevated culture. The peaceful outcome of this practice has a chance to permeate and revitalize the business environment. As the corporate culture grows, the employee feels more at home. The more dedicated the employee, the more likely they are to stay. The lower the turnover, the lower the expense. The lower the expense, the greater the profit.

Most of the world has no experience in economics. What we do know is how many jobs are available and how long it takes us to get another one if we lose it or leave it. Because our economy is stressed, business employment is insecure. The more a company invests in the employee and their work, the more the employee values ​​the work and the less they fear the pink note. If you install this fluid exercise from China or some other significant program that directly benefits the employee, people will feel more secure because the company has made the investment in them. If what I’m talking about overcomes stress, helps focus, improves work-life balance; employees potentially boost their production levels. If the correct sizing causes people’s job descriptions to inflate to fit the duties of those who are no longer employed; a “relief valve” tool like corporate tai chi helps in general. More productivity, more income.

There are many statistics on how people choose one company over another based on the benefits package, title, company location, company position, and much more. If Company A and Company B offer the same position and benefits package, but Company B has a corporate tai chi program, Company B would beat its competition and beat the employee. This is an oversimplified look at some of the advantages people get when comparing companies. Once an employee is in a company, the more the company invests in the employee, the more influence it maintains against the competition. The more leverage, the more stable the employee is. The more stable the employee, the better job performance. The better the performance, the more income.

To excel, we have to embark on new territory, as well as take the wisdom of the past. Tai chi is an ancient discipline that achieves tremendous effects. Marrying it to corporate life seems to keep the values ​​of the old with the trends of today, like this: the placement of this old way in corporate life has come. A study is in development stages to more definitively correlate corporate tai chi and increased revenue. But the elements described above try to verify this conclusion.


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