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A virtual assistant is generally self-employed and undertakes to provide professional administrative, technical, creative, or social assistance to clients remotely from a home office. A flexible, professional, and often much more affordable alternative to hiring a full or part-time employee. Someone who is an authority in their field and wants to share their skills in supporting their clients.

These are the common types of AV:


• They are the best to help with all the things that you don’t have time to learn or don’t mind learning. Some examples are Ontraport, LeadPages, 1ShoppingCart, Aweber, Kajabi, Landing Page Monkey, etc. These are the clients you hire to do the time-consuming work. Each VA will have a different skill set with different technical programs.


• These VAs handle your administrative duties. They would manage your calendar, handle emails, book flights and organize trips, host meetings, host summits and live events, enter data, transcripts, and more. These VAs shine with things like Google Calendar, Evernote, and any other kind of administrative or data entry program. They are one of the most common types of AV. They also answer calls, return emails, and the like. Provide multiple levels of customer service. Write letters in the mail and take notes.

Digital Marketing / Social Networks:

• They are broad and therefore some VAs limit themselves to social media only. Within these roles, some VAs will write your content and implement your strategies, while others will help with your strategy and implement, leaving the content creation to you. Tasks may include content research, citation search, image creation, search for interesting questions, sending newsletters, administering Google AdWords, tracking statistics. Manage blogs and social media accounts. Create presentations and sales materials. Collaborate with writers, graphic artists, and designers. We do a bit of everything as clients have different needs, however if a client is promoting a personal brand we recommend creating their possessive to emphasize that someone cheerful needs to make sure it is authentic for what it is.

Graphic designer:

• Someone who can produce an attractive image for social media and presentations, and who has more depth of stamp. They use software that is specifically for general purposes. Some graphic designers can create typical flyers and brochures and generally follow your existing style guide. More experienced designers understand branding concepts and will usually help clients create a visual representation of themselves through color and images.

It is essential to remember that this is only a small sample of the services that virtual assistants can provide. From the highly specialized to the skilled in all trades, there are several ideal professionals imaginable available for the specific needs of your project. On the other hand, it can be easy to hire several different VAs to handle different needs – the right balance can only be achieved through trial and error.


Most consumers prefer one or the other, so I recommend learning both. When they have calls with leads they are relieved to find that I am adaptable to use as it is easier to get started with tasks right away.


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