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Kitchen cabinet colors have come a long way since your mother’s kitchen.

Today, kitchen or bathroom cabinets can be almost any color or wood finish. Color in the kitchen is important because it sets the mood and enhances the overall style of the kitchen.

Black Cabinets: Like the little black dress in your closet, nothing spells “class” like black. Black cabinets are very sophisticated and are often seen in high-end kitchens. Black cabinets will never look dated because, just like that black dress, they are timeless and never go out of style. It works well in virtually any kitchen style, from country to contemporary. If too much black isn’t your style, a black island will add class to your kitchen without looking dark. When mixing black cabinets in a room, black and white are a natural, black and red or green also work well together. The only drawback is the fact that the dust will look black, so frequent dusting is necessary. However, this is a small price to pay for the kitchen of your dreams.

Blue Cabinets – Whether you choose a pale pale, navy blue, midnight blue, or any other shade, blue is timeless. Blue is the color of the sea and light blue is a natural for cottage-style kitchens and more formal kitchen styles favor shades of light blue. Country-American or French-medium to dark blue and specially aged finishes. Traditional styles call for medium blue. Contemporary kitchens: any shade of blue. Blue also looks great on kitchen walls as it evokes a feeling of spaciousness, height and depth. If a kitchen is small, blue can make it feel bigger. Blue and white give a crisp, fresh feel to the room. Consider white cabinets with blue countertops and a blue island with a white countertop.

Yellow cabinets: a dose of sun. Yellow in a kitchen gives joy and warmth instantly. If your kitchen is dark or on the north side of the house, yellow is perfect. It gives the feeling of sunlight. Bright yellow, take heart, if you’re not so brave, butter yellow cabinets are easy to love. Think butter yellow with cream, blue, or white countertops. Butter yellow is very adaptable and can be elegant for formal kitchens or it can be very casual for country or country-style kitchens. If you go for a retro look you cannot choose a better color than yellow. It was “the” color for kitchens in the 1940s and 1950s. Yellow is a good island color, pair it with a wood finish or cabinets painted white, blue, or cream.

Green Cabinets: Nothing says “country” like green cabinets. But green is also a popular color for traditional islands and contemporary kitchen styles. Light green or sage green feel at home in even the most elegant kitchens. Mix green cabinets with cream cabinets or a black island with dark green doors and drawers. The greens also go well with most wood finishes. Green is well suited to distressing.

Red Cabinets – Red is a favorite in country-style kitchens and lends itself well to distress. He is timeless and will never go out of style. It works well in contemporary kitchens, especially with a high gloss finish. It goes very well with wood finishes and black, white, cream and blue. Many restaurants are decorated in red because it stimulates the appetite. Consider black or white granite countertops with red cabinets. Dark shades of red work well in a formal kitchen like wine or burgundy. Red also works as a contrasting color.

Antique White or Cream Kitchens: Of all the thousands of kitchen design photos on the web, at least 30 percent are white, off-white, or cream. These colors are clean and elegant. Many traditional-style kitchens are a variation on white. White is also a favorite for Cottage-style kitchens. Darker creams, particularly worn, are seen in Country-American, French, or English. White is timeless and never goes out of style. Being neutral, they can be used with any other color of cabinets and countertops. They may need more frequent cleaning, but they are worth it.

Wood Finish Cabinets: Warm, luxurious and inviting, these are favorites of many. Wood finishes work with any style. Light colors for Contemporary, medium for country and dark for Traditional. Wood works with any countertop color. Darkwood is a trend right now. It also works well with painted cabinets. Light colored countertops offset the dark wood, and the rich deep tones of the countertops add to the warmth of the wood.


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