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Drawer pulls are an important part of any kitchen. Some drawers are designed to work without handles, but the vast majority require hardware. Handles can be very simple and ball knob shaped, or they can be more ornate and stylized, offering elegance in a stylish handle that offers a lot of personality. No matter what your personal preference is, there are many different styles that are perfect for your kitchen. However, there are a few things you should consider before you go shopping for drawer pulls.

Color and Material

One of the most obvious features of a drawer pull is the color, which depends entirely on the type of metal you choose. Color is a great place to start when considering what type of handle will look great in your kitchen. Start by figuring out what color metal will go great with the color of your cabinets. A very popular combination is cherry wood cabinets with brushed nickel or pewter drawer pulls. Also, many people prefer contrasting colors, such as pairing dark woods with silver or pewter handles.

Another aspect of material is quality, and there is a very simple way to test the quality of any type of kitchen cabinet hardware. Just feel the weight of the pull in your hand and see how heavy it is. High quality metals are much heavier than lower quality materials. Spend some time weighing several different pulls in your hand to see which one feels the heaviest.

Types of drawer sweaters

During the process of choosing sweaters, it is very important to think about what kind of sweaters you want. Some pulls are small knobs, and many of these are very plain and simple. Simplicity is definitely in right now, and simple little knobs offer classic style and grace that will be in style for a long time. Other sweaters are more like handles and can be very ornate. Some handles have intricate carvings, while others are two-tone. There are so many different styles in both knob pulls and handle pulls that you may find it difficult to choose between the two types.

When in doubt, simply try out a few of the different pulls to see which ones your hand grabs the easiest. It may seem like a very small thing, but the functionality of a drawer pull can really make a big difference when it comes to choosing the right one. Not all hands are the same size, so different sweaters may work better for different people.

Where to buy drawer sweaters

Many people who are shopping for hardware wonder where the best place to buy parts is. The best answer is to simply shop around, but make sure you don’t neglect online retailers, especially manufacturers that sell sweaters direct. Case builders often markup hardware up to three times the original cost, so buying hardware from case makers usually won’t be worth it. Instead, decide what kind of runs you want, and then order separately from an online source if you can find them for much less. Just be sure to start by ordering a pull so you can examine it to make sure it’s the same quality as the ones offered by the cabinetmaker. They are often the exact same drawer handle, so that’s no problem, but it’s always best to make sure the handle is exactly what you want.


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