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The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade has been a staple every year since 1924. Although it started as a way to get people excited about the store and the first parade was at Christmas instead of Thanksgiving, whatever. They did it worked, as today more than 3.5 million attend annually another 50 million watch from the comfort of their living rooms.

Over the years, some things about the parade have changed; the route, the participants and of course the balloons. In 1927, Felix the Cat became the first balloon to be part of the fun. The following year they decided to fill it with helium but had no way to deflate it so they just let it go. Exploded. In the following years they also released balloons, still having no way to deflate them. They addressed all of them, and if you found one, you could take it to Macy’s for a prize, but not many people did.

The parade has always been well attended. The first had 250,000 people lined up on the six-mile route that took store employees from Herald Square to Harlem. It has been something Americans look forward to every year and, of course, over the years it has grown. There were only a few years where there was no Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and that was while WWII was raging and the gum used to make the balloons was donated to the war effort. In 1945, however, there were two million people lining the road, grateful that the war was over and things could get back to normal.

Today about eight thousand people travel the route and another four thousand volunteers are needed to organize the route, the floats and the balloons.

If you’ve never been to the Macy’s Thanksgiving festivities, why not go and do it in style by chartering a jet? You won’t have to fight crowds at a commercial airport or suffer long lines at security checkpoints. You will have plenty of leg, head and shoulder room and, best of all, you can choose when and what time to fly. Your schedule, not theirs!

If you choose to rent, you can land at an airport closer to the action and get where you’re going much faster than you can fly commercially, and you can even watch the balloons inflate, what happens at night. before the big day.


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