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Do you know what irritates me when I travel? Being vegan and not finding a good restaurant to satisfy my roaring stomach and being Muslim having to find halal food is a huge task in itself. When I visited Japan, I had no idea that I would find vegan restaurants so easily and finding halal restaurants in Japan is very easy nowadays as the government has announced pro-Muslim policies. All I had to do was a simple super fast internet Google search in Japan and there was a huge list of Halal vegetarian restaurants in Japan. Out of the many options, I found these three the best. Go ahead and read my reviews on these famous Halal restaurants in Japan.

Bejita Hamamatsu

Bejita Cafe offers brown rice and vegetables that are useful for health. To ensure nutrition and health, they are specific about the cooking process. There are regular dishes, for example, the special Kobachi dish from month to month “and, in addition, treats that do not use ingredients such as white sugar, eggs, dairy products. This restaurant also has a play area for children and small shops that They sell reliable ingredients from well-known sources, the overall atmosphere is very good and the food served is fresh and delicious.

Recommended dishes: Café Latte, Apple Pie and Monthly Plate.


This restaurant serves delicious, healthy and natural vegan meals using precisely chosen ingredients that stimulate your body while relaxing your brain. They serve BENTO box sandwiches and cooked food to go. Avoid using animal extracts, chemicals, flavor enhancers, additives, or sugar. Best of all, they offer “meat flavored” dishes that use millet, dry foods and vegetables such as different fish, egg or ground meat options, and simple side dishes and delicious desserts. It is highly recommended to make a reservation in advance as this restaurant is always full of diners. He also makes sure they have enough food ready because the only downside to this restaurant is that they stop taking orders once the food and boxes are finished.

Recommended Dishes: Agemono and seasonal cake.

Magnolia coffee

Cafe Magnolia is located in Tamagawa-cho, Imabari City (Ehime Prefecture) with wonderful views of the countryside and landscape. The dishes are prepared with natural vegetables of wheat, rice and beans and seaweed for four seasons. The owner, Rumiko SEO, is a very decent and welcoming woman. She has traveled and eaten all over the world during her trading days. Krial Kayoko, who lived in the US for a long time, is also a co-owner and is happy to welcome diners.

Recommended dishes: Organic chocolate tofu and spaghetti whipped cream.


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