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The Beatles officially broke up in 1970 and while Let it be was released in 1970 as The Beatles’ last studio album, it was actually recorded before abbey road in early 1969.

What if The Beatles hadn’t broken up and gotten together for one last album? Which songs from his 1970 solo albums (Paul McCartney’s McCartneyby George Harrison all things must pass, and John Lennon Ono plastic band) would have appeared on a Beatles album?

What follows is the theoretical 1970 Beatles album track listing that he would have done with these three solo albums if he were the producer of The Beatles. It would have been released in December 1970 since that is when the last of these three albums (Ono plastic band) was released.

1970 Beatles imaginary album track listing

side one

#1 “My sweet lord” – Harrison.

This is a pretty lively catchy song that would have been a good opening. I think it could have sounded really good like a Beatles song. It’s a great tune as it is, but a great bass line from McCartney could bring it to life. I think this would have been a hit single for The Beatles just like it was for Harrison. It would have shortened the execution time a bit. And that goes for a lot of the songs on this Beatles album.

#2 “Wait” – Lennon.

This is a great little tune that I think would work really well as a second track.

#3 “Every night” – McCartney.

As you can see, this album is shaping up to be a pretty wonderful and laid back acoustic album. Something like a second rubber core.

#4 “What is life” – Harrison.

This would help pick up the pace a bit, but it still has quite a wonderful style. rubber core feeling part II. I’m not sure how Lennon & McCartney would feel about having two singles from the album as Harrison songs, but the shoe fits.

#5 “Glasses” – McCartney.

I think this little experimental piece would fit nicely as a transition between the upbeat “What Is Life” and the more somber “Isnt It A Pity”. The part of “Hot As Sun” that precedes it is nice enough, but I think it would work better if “What Is Life” went straight into “Glasses.” This would be around 20-30 seconds long.

#6 “Not a shame” – Harrison.

I can imagine this is a great Beatles song (as it is already a great George Harrison song). Kind of a more tearful version of the “Hey Jude” approach. Not sure if it would need to be the full 7 minutes if it was on a Beatles album though. In fact, it probably wouldn’t fit on this side at that length. I’m thinking it would work as a 4 or 5 minute song in this context.

#7 “Garbage” – McCartney.

This is the saddest side of that wonderful relaxed acoustic feeling. It seems like it would follow “Isn’t It A Pity” very well.

#8 “Working Class Hero” – Lennon.

Lennon would close side one with this rather dark tune. This album is shaping up to be a bit serious, isn’t it? Yes. I think it would actually fit really well as the final Beatles album, as it has that kind of feel to it. There’s a sense of seriousness to these songs and it’s amplified by putting them one after the other like this.

side two

#9 “Mother” – Lennon.

This probably would have sounded a bit different as a Beatles song, but I think it could have kept its darkness and possibly added a bit more interest to it musically (I’m thinking McCartney on bass again).

#10 “I found out” – Lennon.

This song sounds pretty strong on Plastic Ono Band, but I think it could have been more musically interesting as a Beatles song with Paul’s bass and George’s lead guitar.

#11 “All Things Must Pass” – Harrison.

I’ve always thought this was a brilliant song. I prefer the more stripped down version of Anthology to the more orchestrated version of the album that bears his name.

#12 “Teddy Boy” – McCartney. (I ring in the voice).

I don’t know if this would actually work, but you know Ringo would have to take vocals on a song and it seems like maybe he could pull it off, maybe with a lot of help from Paul.

#13 “I’d have you any minute” Harrison.

Would a song co-written by Bob Dylan really end up on a Beatles album? Well, I think this is a lovely song, so it would be if I were the producer.

#14 “Maybe I’m in awe” – McCartney.

I don’t think it is necessary to explain this selection too much. It’s probably McCartney’s most timeless song as a solo artist and would make a great album closer to the final Beatles album.

missing songs

I know I’m missing out on a lot of great songs. It’s hard to reduce three solo albums to one album, especially when one of those albums is a triple album (Harrison’s all things must pass.) Some of Lennon’s solo songs just don’t work in the context of a Beatles album. “Mother” is an exaggeration. “God”? I do not think it works.


It’s also impossible to imagine that Paul is okay with only singing 3 songs on this album. I just don’t think he would accept that, although I think it’s pretty clear that George was writing more good songs during this period, or at least had a lot more built up. Thinking about this, it begins to become clear why the Beatles broke up when they did. I guess maybe it was for the best.

That’s not to say that I don’t think this album I just described wouldn’t have been an excellent album (although probably not as good as it was). abbey road for example) just that they (John, Paul and George) were writing too many songs and going in too many different directions to really be restricted by being in a band any longer.


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